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Monday, February 28, 2011

Recess Mayhem

Its hard to fully describe what goes on in the minutes prior and post recess.  In order to get the full effects of what I may be experiencing- try to imagine 15 small children in a confide space, with all children scrambiling to be the first one out the door.  It's like the Walmart clothing department exploded.  No one can find a thing... hats 20 feet from where they should be, liners falling out of boots, two left handed mittens.  I'm talking total chaos. 

And then there is the fact that everyone is chatting all at once.  To me, to themselves, across the room to a friend.  I stopped today and took a thirty second observation of what was actually occuring and made a mental note.

Three children are all trying to tell me something- at once.  One child wants to show me their Scholastic order and proceeds to tell me about their favourite dinosaurs, and how when their grandma is like a fossil too.  From what I can make out from the other two, who are now talking over each other and its like verbal diarhhea for my ears. They are trying to tell me something about their DSI games, and how Mario is superior over Luigi.  All I am thinking is who the hell cares, "get ready to go outside", and in the same breath, damn I wish I had a DSI. 

Oh crisis, excuse me!!  I climb over three children as two children are fighting and one crying, through the " It wasn't me" and the " I already said sorry"  I get the just that one child spit on the other .  While trying to put out that fire, two more munchkins approach asking me to help them with zippers and mittens and finding their neck warmer.  As I multi-task like nobody's business I overhear a girl and a boy discussing their marriage plans.  I smile!  I'm soon distracted as I catch one child showing their karate moves in the corner.  I explain for the 100th time- karate is for the dojo!
Everyone is almost ready, then I look over to see one child is sitting in their cubby, having made no attempt to get ready, they are just sitting there picking their nose.  It was so gross, yet I couldnt stop staring- I'm sure if their was a Olympic medal to be won for digging for nuggets- he would sure to win.    Totally oblivious of the mayhem that surrounds him, I gently remind him to get ready, oh and wash your hands!!   I sigh!

 Finally we are all outside!  Two minutes in to recess time the dreaded  "I have to pee" is chanted.   ARGGG!

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  1. I am an aspiring teacher, but have taught in preschool recreation programs and can imagine every moment of this! It's great!