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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When you Grow Up...

Have you ever stopped to wonder what certain children will grow up to be based on your observations of their character, or interests. Some examples of my students include;

The child who decided it was best to do nothing in class to earn "classroom money" yet somehow ended up with the most in class.  I questionned how he got so much, and he simply stated he was selling items from home for others money.  He will be some multi million dollar entrepreneur. 

The child who is always washing his hands, washing his food, and reminding others to do the same.  He only eats his healthy food first, and never eats desserts at special occasions.  He wont touch a door knob for fear of germs.  He will be a Doctor.

The child that can read at a Grade 3 level and is in Senior Kindergarten.  Tells the most imaginative stories and is not interested in any other curriculum areas.  She will be a Writer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Liar Liar pants on Fire!!

I have a child in my class that has an imagination like no other.  He comes up with the most elaborate, far fetched stories and provides details that make you second guess.  I love it!  If I could just sit with him on a daily basis and talk about his "weekend trip to Australia" or  about how "his dad was in World War 1"  I would be in heaven.  I am in awe that he can provide such quick answers to my never ending questions.  The children in the class have come to realize too that when Liam tells you something, he may or may not be telling stories or tricking. I will often hear them asking- Did you really have 341 brothers?  Your having a fashion show at your house tonight,  for real? 

A recent conversation I had with him went like this....

Child- Do you want me to take you out for dinner tonight at McDonalds?
Teacher-  I would love to meet you for dinner, but Ill pay for myself- thanks for offering.
Child-  Okay Ill meet you there at 5
Teacher- How will you get there, is your mom or dad coming?
Child-  Ill take the bus silly.
Teacher- Alright see ya there.

Next day...

Teacher-  I waited for you, but you never came.  I had to eat my Mc Nuggets by myself
Child-  Yeah, sorry about that.  Im going to give that bus driver a piece of my mind.  He was late! 
Teacher-  Ah well next I turn and grin! 

Would you confront the child about "lying" or making up stories or embrace the creativity and delight in the joys of their imagination? 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Are You Nuts?!!!

As most schools are- we are a nut free facility.  We have been since the doors opened and its in every policy and procedures manual the parents receive, mentioned at our curriculum nights and reminded to the parents when food is sent home due to its ingredients.  But today as I was helping to warm up food, and getting spoons and wiping up messes and tending to the lunch time mayhem-  a  child approached me and told me that one of the kids had brought peanuts.  What?!  Are you kidding me!  This is not some fruit snack with some fine print, or a new warning label on an otherwise trustworthy company- this was a big bag full of peanuts. 

The children in my class are very receptive  and understanding to why we do not have peanuts in our classroom- I explained it to them on day one.  (Jack) could get sick, very sick.  Why cannot parents see how serious this is?!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in a name?

As a teacher I come across a lot of potential baby names in a year.  There are weird names, cute names and those that are hard to pronounce. And then of course there are the names that I will absolutely, never in a million years name my future unborn children.  When I hear certain names I instantly cringe and that send a chill up my back. I will of course not list them here with fear of insulting you..  my readers, and for confidentiality reasons as well.  But am I the only one? 

There is also the inevitable question of the teachers name.  I searched for years for a suitor with a distinguished last name for my choosen profession, as I feared I would be mocked if otherwise.  I however, gave up my search of such a dream and married an amazing man with a horrible last name (for a teacher.  I vividly remember the jokes and play on words that clever kids could come up with for teachers surnames.  I did my research on this subject and there are some really bad last names out there that do not need any jokes, they are just flat out inappropriate!!