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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

100 Day Party

This is a fun event for the students and myself.  We start on day one and add a one to our number chart and 1 straw in our "Ones" Cup,  everytime we group ten straws we talk about how ten cannot fit into the ones cup anymore and therefore had to make a "Tens".  We have counted and counted and finally we reached 100 days of school.  (and then a hundreds cup of course).  All day long we did everything 100.  Sang 100 bottles of juice on the wall at circle, did 100 jumping jacks at recess, took 100 sips of our water at lunch, and danced for 100 seconds.  Check out all the fun activities we enjoyed  ...

These were so cute!

Yummy! Each student put 100 snack items into a ziploc and on our 100th day we choose ten things from 10 bags and made our own trail mix.  

 Each student made a prediction about what life would be like in 100 years

Pop 100 Bubbles

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  1. I LOVE your 100th day Ideas. Ours is the day after we get back from Spring break, on the 25th! There are so many good ideas out there it's going to be SO hard to pick the ones my first graders will have the most fun with.

    Mrs. D @ Reading with Mrs. D