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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love being resourceful...

Valentines can be crazy if you let it.  Every year I become a better teacher with new tools in my pocket. 

Some Ideas that help me...

1. Have each parent have their child sign each valentine with their name but it is not necessary to address the valentines to each students.    This is easier to distribute, everyone still receives a valentine from each student but it doesn't take two hours of sorting. 

2.  Have a sign up sheet for the party for snacks. This eliminates the chances of 10 students bringing 20 cupcakes and a total sugar overload.

3.  Look around your classroom for items you can use for Valentines art.   Below are some items that didn't cost me a thing to make and turned out great.

Water Colour Hearts:  you know those markers that aren't working that great anymore, why not dip them in water and draw on watercolour paper.  Give them a little more life.

These heart crayons were made using a heart ice cube tray, a microwave and all those little itty bitty pieces of crayons that no one every uses.

These heart soaps will be given to parents as their gift. I found this heart tin, melted some small soap scraps and added some soap colouring and scents I already had.  The students are thrilled on how they turned out.  

These Stained Glass Hearts look great on the window.  Cut up some tissue paper, cut out a heart from some computer paper and use some mac tac to seal and stick it all.   

I had some left over felt so this was our little sewing project.
Finally,  the "I Dig You"  valentines gifts.  Cheap to do: A shovel, some candies and the bag.  Total cost each $1.10

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