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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kindergarten Helps me Lose Weight

10 Ways I  Lose Weight During the Day...

1. Carrying books, games, and toys back and forth from school each day. Estimated weight 5-15 lbs
2. 10 trips to the photocopier
3. Recess- not just for kids.  I tend to play with them- soccer is my favourite.
4. Dancing- man, kids can move
5. Being on my feet all day long running after little munchkins
6. Bending down 145 times a day to zip zipper, tie shoes, pick up toys, or check out their work.
7. Outdoor Supervison- walking and walking around the yard
8. Not having enough time to finish my lunch- or the coffee I have reheated 3 times.
9. Wearing a pedometer- the students love asking me how many steps I have taken.  They will encourage me to do 100 more in the next hour. 
10. I bring only healthy foods in my lunch to set an example.

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