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Monday, November 14, 2016


Since I mostly used my daily agenda to set my time lines and keep myself ontrack for finishing my assignment on time and for self reflection here are some pictures.  Please disregard the mess on some pages between working for three school boards, being a single mom and roller derby my life is mostly chaotic. :)

Picture One- I first researched the connection between self regulation and yoga.  I found some scholarly journals and articles regarding the benefits and links and printed these out so I could highlight keep ideas and use in my resource.  I then had to dig out my own personal childrens yoga resources that I hadn't used in a while so I could draw some ideas regarding games. 
 Picture Two-  Orginally I had my heart set on creating a powtoon but then had to re assess this goal because I thought about adding in another learning curve into the mix on top of everything else I was trying to accomplish and decided against it.  I stuck with something easy that I was familiar with and created a powerpoint instead. 
 Picture Three- I was well on my way of having my childrens yoga resource created so my next goal was to find appropriate pictures for the headline slides and poses.  I couldn't find a website that had all the poses I wanted to share so had to find a variety of websites and reference them.  APA format is what I used but am still not 100% sure I did this correctly.  I felt at this point I needed some feedback and enjoyed meeting with me peer to discuss our self regulated learning so far.
 Picture Four- At this point I had completed the slides for linking self regulation to yoga, the poses, the games and pictures.  My next step was to add in the meditation slides and instead of writing up a bunch of relaxation and guided meditation samples I used youtube video links.  I did a self check in to see how much I had failed to track my progress using my blog and was disappointed. Although I was motivated to complete the final product I didn't put in the time or effort to show the process.  As a self regulated learner this was something I needed to improve on.  I also should have reached out to other childrens yoga professionals for input on the resource. 
 Picture Five-  The final check that it was complete.  Hard to believe the course is coming to a close.  I will use the resource to teach a workshop for ETFO members in the new year.  I hope other professionals will find it useful and utlize the ideas, suggestions, and games into their daily classroom instruction.  I feel passionately that yoga for children has so many benefits and if you are modelling the behaviours such as breathing techniques for yourself the students will start to use them without prompts. 

Yoga Resouce completed

I was terrible at monitoring my goals using this blog.  I mostly used my day planner to keep track of goal setting and task management. As a self regulated learner tracking the progress wasn't my strong suit I often checked in with myself and reevaluated what needed to be completed but dound writing here as one extra time consuming step which I neglected. 
What were the reasons for how your inquiry turned out? The reasons I believe my inquiry turned out was that I am a certified childrens yoga instructor and already had that background knowledge so just had to research and tie it to what I was learning about self regulated learning.  I set my goal as something that was attainable and made  plan. I checked in often to ensure I was using my time effectively and self monitored my work. 
I was motivated to create this document because Id like to share it with other ETFO members in a workshop. This task was meaningful for me because I implement yoga in some way shape or form in my classroom daily.
Upon final reflection, what might you do differently if you were to do it again? What I would do differently is to reach out to other childrens yoga professionals to see what their experiences have been so I could add that insight and resources into the powerpoint.  I would also keep to my scheduled goals more strickly so I didn't feel so overwhelmed nearly the end of the course to complete.
What effect has working toward this goal had on your own feelings of self-efficacy as  an SRL learner? Working towards this goal has made me realize that self regulated learning is something that needs to be practised over and over again.  Its something that needs to occur everyday in some capacity in a classroom if you want the students to be successful.  It has so many wonderful benefits for all your life areas and should be encouraged, modelled and given feedback throughout your time and beyond with those students in your class.