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Friday, November 4, 2011

The infamous "F" word

Since I teach a primary grade, its bound to happen one day, someone brings the "F" word into the classroom. When I first heard a student say " I know a really bad word that starts with "F"  I jumped right in, saying " if you know some inappropriate word, please do not share with others,  if you choose to do so, I will have to speak with your mother and the princpal" .  End of story, or so I thought.  Nope, the very next day (after warning his mother he may or may not know the actual word I am thinking of) I hear him saying,     "I cant tell you the word, cause the FRIZ will get mad, but Ill tell you on the weekend".  Of course the kids are curious, and he finally gives in and says "okay, okay its F....A.....R.....T!  hahah I had a good laugh and took a sigh of a relief.  Its not a word I neccesary want in the classroom but definetly better than I was assuming.

The children in my class also refer to the "S" word as some sinister word.  It being Stupid!  Which yes, not a great word to use, there are lots of other adjectives you could use to describe learning all the names of Europes countries, or the use of cheap glue from Dollarama, but this being said its atleast its not worst "S" word there is.  Gotta love the younger grades for their innocence!!