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Monday, May 9, 2011

Elementary Teacher Must Haves

According to me (this is my blog) there are some items that every elementary teacher must have.  This list is complied with convenience, practicality and fun in mind. 

1.  A large sturdy bag for carrying items back and forth- Do not just get your average cloth grocery story bag.  Spice it up a little.
2. Unique and effective rainboots.  These are not only a conversation piece but also come in handy during those dreary, wet days. 
3. Stickers.  Of all shapes, sizes, smells and textures. Stickers for every season, holiday and event can bring many smiles.
4. An emergency kit.  These items come in handy for the unexpected.  Mine includes; Tide to Go, Lipgloss, Gum, Hair Elastic, Deodorant, Bouncy Ball, Cards, Floss,  $10, Needle and Thread, Tylenol, Granola Bar, Band Aids, Wet Naps
5. An art coat.  I always put on my art coat when we are about to get out the glue, paints and sparkles.  You will be glad you did!
6. Mountains of books!!
7. Festive clothes- yes you can break out the ghost socks and flashing Santa earrings.  


  1. I was totally with you until you got to the festive clothes...I just can't do it.

  2. Hahah I totally understand. I dont over do it! There is no loud Winter sweaters that have sparkling snowflakes and a 3d snowman in my closet. However, I dont mind throwing on a heart necklace for Valentines.

  3. Where can I find rain boots like this? My daughter will absolutely LOVE them?