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Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthdays in the Classroom

I have witnessed first hand the mayhem that can arise during birthday parties in the classroom.  I'm talking balloons being let loose, wildy flying around, half full of spit, hitting innocent bystanders-   
 to parents bringing a cake with four inches of icing thats big enough for 50 into a class with 15 students.  Oh and not to mention the dreaded loot bags, which by the way should always have the exact same toys, candies and other goodies.  I have also dealt with the birthday inviation ordeal.  A couple kids arent invited,  tears, parents emails.

 I told myself from day one I would have definetly encourage birthday celebrations in my class- with certain limitations.  I believe that birthdays are a big deal- I certainly make my own birthday a month long feista!  Here are my birthday guidelines...
1. All invitations go through me.  If not every chid is invited, I will hand them out privately- directly to parents.
2.  The parent is permitted to bring in one peanut free treat for the children- be it; cake, cupcakes, popsicles, fruit.  This is eaten at the last snack of the day, before recess. Go and burn off the sugar kids!
3.  The child will complete a Birthday Walk- they use a globe and go around a sun one time for as many years they are old.  During each rotation I talk about what they were starting to do developmentally, and their interests.   We sing happy birthday!
4.  The child can donate a birthday book to our classroom.  Inside I write their name, year and birthday.  The book is then put in our classroom library for others to share. 
5.  I present the child with a birthday certificate and small present.
6. Above all- stay calm and keep cool

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