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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Don't quit your day job!

"Funniest thing happened today at school"... this is typically how I start my carpooling conversation with my husband upon pick up- that is unless I give him the "don't even talk to me look"!

Today as everyone was working away at this and that- one child called to me from across the room.
"Hey, how come you never go to work?" 
I smiled and replied "  I come to work everyday, I work here"
He laughed and said " All you do is go to school, my dad, mom and everyone else goes to work- but you just come here."
I try to explain..." Your dad, mom and everyone is good at something.  That is why they choose their job.  I am good with kids so I work as a teacher."
He turned from me and said "hmmm.. I think you should get a real job"