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Thursday, February 10, 2011

What they didn't teach me in Teachers College

Oh, what they didn't teach me in Teacher's College?!!  I am in my fourth year of teaching and have taught every grade from Junior Kindergarten to Grade Eight.  Although I feel that my Teacher's College education was a valuable experience I feel there were certain things left out...

1. Do not purchase expensive clothes! 

 Joe Fresh is a wonderful choice! Not only will you save much needed time as you can pick great clothes up while shopping at your grocery store but you won't be devasted when a child accidently spills paint on your brand new white Lu Lu Lemon sweater... or cringe at the thought of your $100 Banana Republic pants being salt stained from yard duty responsiblities.  Although I certainly do love to shop for my back to school clothes  I save the bulk of my money for comfortable shoes; one pair of black and one brown.  The warmest, longest coat imaginable for those -25 winter recesses, and a large, yet fashionable book bag for those back and forth totes from home to school.   

2. You will have no life! 

Between grading, prep, reports, cutting, pasting,  laminating, emails, research and your mind constantly consumed by thoughts of the children- parents and new ideas you will be exhausted.  Remember to breathe, and make time for things you enjoy. 

3. Value Village can become your best friend! 

I was thankful to discover this gem early in my teaching career.  I could probably write a whole blog about  my many classroom treasures found at  the good old VV. 

Cultural-  Chinese Fans, African Masks, European Artifacts, Leather Native American Vest, Mexican Poncho, Indian Sari
Math- Easter Eggs for matching, Sea Shells for sorting,  Glass Hearts for counting. 
Books-  Variety of authors, affordable
Language- You can find all sorts of objects for phonetic matching. They also have a huge collection of puzzles, and games


  1. great idea about value village...i hadn't thought of that before! thanks...cute idea for a blog! keep it up!

  2. I really like your blog! Nice work!