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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kid's Say the Darnest...

Over the last ten years that I have worked with children I have undoubtedly heard the cutest things. Below are some quotes I wanted to share with you..

Teacher- "Why did you put those googly eyes in the French Teacher's coffee mug?"
Child- " I just couldn't resist!"

Teacher- "Wow, Jane you have a new baby brother!!!!"
Child- "Yes, and I got new barettes too"

Teacher-"How did you get so smart?"
Child- "You taught me everything I know!"

Teacher- " Well, your pretty cute!"
Child- "Of course I am God made me"

Child-" You are the best fort making teacher in the world"

Parent to Child- " What do you think the teacher's would like most for a present?"
Child- " They mostly like it when we learn stuff!!"

4 Year Old Child to Teacher- " I used to be a diva... but not anymore"

Teacher- " What are you going to be when you grow up?"
Child- " Well mostly I want to be a mom but if that doesn't work out an astronaut would be fine."

Child while showing me something on his finger- "What is this?|"
Teacher while examining between their fingers- " I am not sure, where did you find it?"
Child- " In my ear!"

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