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Monday, February 14, 2011

One of those days...

Every teacher has had one.  A day that seems to drag on forever, nothing seems to go right.  Today, was one of those days...

8:00 You arrive at school to find there are four staff away and no substitute teachers. Great!!   You notice that the electric outlets in your classroom are not working and all the snack food in your fridge is gone bad.  A colleague comes by to notify you that the pipes are frozen and the children cannot use the washroom until they are fixed. What else could go wrong?!

8:30 The children start arriving with their smiling faces and enthusiasm, unsuspecting of your foul mood.  A parent approaches about their child not eating their full lunch the day before. Like, what am I suppose to do, force them to eat their macaroni and cheese leftovers they clearly do not like?!! 

9:00 Circle time is a disaster with about half the kids talking out of turn, and with no attention span.  Jane sat on Tom and now he is crying.  Frank stole George's sticker and is now pinching him.  The heck  with it, circle time is over.  Go and find some work. 

9:30 It's suppose to be French time but the teacher is away, so  I guess no pre time today.  Just as the children are settling into some work- the fire alarm goes off.  Okay... line up! 

11:30 Indoor recess.  Paints get spilled all over the floor.  Grace loses chess against Jackson and is upset.  Liz has a fever and needs to go home and Payton has a wiggly tooth and asks you every two minutes to pull it out. 

12:00 Lunch time and finally your first break.  Washroom, photocopies, clean up, check emails and oh yeah scarf down some lunch before heading back into the jungle.  Come back to find out that Ben has punched Sadie and Trent was throwing food.  Not to mention that Vince was giving a little show of his own and decided it would be a good idea to moon the class while they were enjoying their lunch.

1:00 Put out fires, Liz's goes home, write accident report of Sadie's mark on her arm. 

2:00 The rest of the afternoon is spent running around getting scissors, papers and glue  for each demand.  Prepare snack, Frank just sneezed on you- time for some sanitizer.  Frank pukes on the carpet.  Yuck! 

Finally 3:30- Home here I come, and bottle of wine for dinner.  Thank you!


  1. Hello. My name is Teresa and I just stumbled upon your blog. Did you just create it? I want to follow it, but I'm not sure how it works. I really enjoyed reading your few posts. Maybe one day, I'll come to teach in Greece. Until then, I hope to learn more about it through your blog. :O)

  2. Hello Teresa, I am glad you enjoyed the post! On the top right it says become a follower. I hope you keep reading. Let me know if there are anything you would like me to write about. Cheers

  3. Got it. Thanks for the tip. I rather enjoy reading your posts than bombarding you with questions. I'm from NYC and I'm planning to leave to go teach in South Korea, but I've always wanted to go to Greece. Was it hard for you to find a teaching job there?