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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's in a name?

As a teacher I come across a lot of potential baby names in a year.  There are weird names, cute names and those that are hard to pronounce. And then of course there are the names that I will absolutely, never in a million years name my future unborn children.  When I hear certain names I instantly cringe and that send a chill up my back. I will of course not list them here with fear of insulting you..  my readers, and for confidentiality reasons as well.  But am I the only one? 

There is also the inevitable question of the teachers name.  I searched for years for a suitor with a distinguished last name for my choosen profession, as I feared I would be mocked if otherwise.  I however, gave up my search of such a dream and married an amazing man with a horrible last name (for a teacher.  I vividly remember the jokes and play on words that clever kids could come up with for teachers surnames.  I did my research on this subject and there are some really bad last names out there that do not need any jokes, they are just flat out inappropriate!! 


  1. For a while just before I started teachers college, I dated a fellow whose last name was Easy. Can you imagine the fun students would have had with the name Mrs. Easy? The relationship ended (for reasons entirely unrelated to the last name). I met my husband a few years later and happily my married name has no unfortunate connotations and is both easy to spell and to pronounce.

    Choosing our children's names was a bit of a challenge. Certainly there are some I wouldn't have chosen for my children even if someone had paid me to, and I also have my own list of names I'd counsel others to avoid too.


  2. I think my list of "names my future children will never have" is probably longer than my "acceptable names" list at this point!

    As for this teacher's last name . . . it's impossible to pronounce and it begins with the letter 'F'! I am hoping to marry a Smith or a Jones one day! Hahaha :-)