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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cooking with Kids

 For Valentine's Day we made cupcakes.   Why not I think, they are easy to make and everyone loves them.  Although, I started off with great intentions I soon realized I just acquired some new grey hairs. I just hoped that they would't end up like last years christmas cake disaster!!    During my prep time I prepared all the ingredients, cleaned the work space and took some time to breathe.  No matter how many times I have cooked with kids each time it's a unique and unforgettable experience.  The kids are so excited they are pratically jumping off the walls- why am I giving them more sugar?!    First off,  I explain to the children that everyone will have a chance to help with the reciepe and that I will call them over three at a time to wash their hands and help out. 

Next thing I know I'm being bombardded by every child around the table!  Someone sneezed in the cupcakes general direction and everyone was  being pushed and squished.  Oh no!!  There is the first spill- milk everywhere!  Okay, let;s try this again!  I call over the next group and try to get the other kids engaged in something.   I tried to ensure every child had a turn to mix and pour.  Next thing I know, some kids are crying because other kids have apparently had a longer time than others with mixing or they wanted to crack the egg.  Other kids are tattling because they saw someone sneak some batter.   Through all the mayhem we discuss measurement and fractions and allergies and how so and so's grandma can only eat things with fiber because it helps her with "her morning routine".  All in all, the cupcakes turn out wonderfully.  What's on the menu next month?!! 

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