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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoga in the Classroom

Before I get into this blog I must confess that I am a Children's Yoga Instructor so therefore I am a little bias about the benefits of yoga in the classroom.  I have a yoga mat and yoga cards in my classroom that the children can use at any time.  That being said children's yoga is not the relaxing, peaceful kind you may be use to.  I'm talking ... a peeing downward dog, flea eating chimps and trees blowing in the wind. 

I believe yoga can be integrated into any classroom and can easily link to curriculum expectations.  
Science- While doing cat/cow pose get into a discussion about animal classification.
Geography- See how long they can hold airplane pose and if they could fly anywhere in the world where would they go?
Math- While in triangle pose ask the children to name all the different types of triangles they can think of
Language- I love to integrate stories into my yoga instruction.  The children love to act out the stories using yoga poses.  Try "Were going on a bear hunt" or "Brown Bear, Brown  Bear"
Art- During my yoga programs we always end with a craft, whether it be mandalas, or something that incorporates the theme for the day. 

I have added some helpful resources.  Check them out! 

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