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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Joys of a Field Trip

You know those days, when you pile all the kids on the bus for an adventure.  Won't you probably don't realize is all the work that goes into the preparation for the day out! 

First there is the field trip forms.  You send them out, you remind parents to return them, you photocopy more forms for the ones they lost, you collect the money, you remind the parents again to return.  Then the day of the field trip arrives and parents are scrambling to fill out forms and pay you in twoonies found underneath their car seat.

The day of the field trip ... teachers come in early to ensure the name labels are made for each child,the snacks are packed, the cell phone is charged, reservations are confirmed, parent volunteers know their duties, payment is in hand.

15 minutes prior to departure... you ensure everyone has gone to the washroom, they have everything packed, you are scramble around to get the last minute details- epi pens, and emergency contact information. Prior to boarding the bus you remind the kids of the rules, during the bus ride you remind the kids of the rules, after about 20 times of telling the same two kids to stop kicking the seats in front of them and to sit down you seperate them. 

You arrive at your destination, the kids are estatic and all you can think is I should have brought more coffee.  The day is fun filled- for the kids.  You are too busy counting little heads, and re counting, running to the washroom, making sure everyone has sanitized before snack and reminding them that it's not okay to climb on the displays and that the ropes are there for a reason- dinosaur bones are old and don't want to be touched. 

Time to head back to the school- you are exhausted, the kids are exhausted but all you can think about was- that was interesting,... when is the next field trip?!!

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