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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What they didn't teach me in Teachers College Part 2

4. Save your money on a gym membership- you won't need it! Between the numerous bags you will carry back and forth each day, to the endless game of tag played at recess and not having any time to eat or sit down you will be burning lots of calories in a day.

5.  Rent a storage unit- between the puzzles, and toys, and paperwork, you will need either a big closet or a large storage unit. 

6.  You can never have enough post its, glue, construction paper, laminating sheets, and sticky tac amoung other things.  The Dollar Store clerk will know you by name. 

7. The principals office is still a scary place. 

8. Always carry hand sanitizer

1 comment:

  1. Hi from a former Ontario teacher! A very important thing they didn't teach-

    Be careful which LTDI you choose.

    I was injured,and people are still astounded to find out I'm not able to collect LTDI.