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Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Toys Allowed

As crazy as that sounds for a Kindergarten teacher to post a No Toy Zone on her door- its happened.  And I have to admit I agree.  In our school we seem to have the never ending problem of students bringing items from home into the classroom. 
This causes many problems....
1. It causes distractions
2. It could get broken, stolen or go missing
3. Children sometimes trade toys.  15 minutes later, one believes the trade was unfair and wants their toy back, the other child refuses. There are tears, name calling and pushing.  Before you know it- you have wasted 30 minutes of your lunch break mediating over some Bey Blade.  (for an example)

If a child is caught with a toy in the classroom it is taken away until the end of the day.We do have show and tell once a week and encourage students to bring items of interest.  Any thoughts?!!


  1. Hello

    I completely agree. If children bring in their own toys then don't take them home I have found parents can become upset and wonder why the teacher doesn't take personal responsibility for every item in her class. Impossible with that many things!!

    The other problem I have seen is child breaks other child's toy Then at the end of the day parents get told by the children and a nasty confrontation can start between the families. Try referring that!

  2. That's the deal at my school too. If students bring toys for a show and tell or other special event they have to keep them in their backpack until the appropriate time. Same thing with a toy they bring to take to something after school (occasionally kids are able to bring things to the daycare that shares our building, or a student is going to someone else's house after school).