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Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Christmas Gift Ever...

I am very fortunate to have generous parents in the schools I have worked in.  Over the years I have been given Gift Cards varying from $20-$200, Swarovski Crystal Ornaments, Cooking Items, Chocolates, Candles, Body Lotion, Cd's, Movies, Books, Mugs, Journals, Pens, Lunch Bags, Water Bottles, Jewelry, Booze, Homemade Treats, amoung many others.  For every bought and made item I am truly grateful and treasure each thoughtful gift. 

The last two years I have started a new tradition that not only benefits my current students, but future ones as well.  I put up a Giving Wreath on my classroom door, it has tags that have an item and its price.  I put items from $5.00-$50.00 of items that would benefit the classroom.  The parents and students enjoy choosing an item and buying it for the class in lieu of a present for myself.  I find this gives parents a sense of relieve when they see the suggestion as then they dont have to rack their brains for a gift for the teacher.  By no means are parents obligated to purchase anything from the wreath its nearly a suggestion if they wish.

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  1. You are lucky indeed! There are those of us who work in Title one schools that could never put up a wraeth like you describe. Our students come from such broken and poor home lives it would be an affront to them. I love your idea though and think that it fosters a thoughtfulness among children and their parents when the season can be filled with commercialism and self-centeredness.