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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping with the Times

Okay I feel that I'm a pretty cool teacher and try to keep up with the times...

I know who Optimus Prime and Yoda are.
I always have toys, books and kid stuff in my car.
I know how to make Bakugans rip,
and love a good field trip.

At Halloween I give out tasty treats,
and often play Bob Marley beats.
We watch spooky movies
and make some delicious orange smoothies

I have all the best toys,
and gross, funny books for boys
I play soccer at recess,
and dont get crazy when theres a mess. 

But there are some things I just cant take...
I mean they dont have to take their DSI everywhere for goodness sake....
And what about these Skecher shoes,
I mean they are full of colours, sparkles, lights, I'm surprised they dont report the news. 

Some kids lunches are so full of junk
and don't even try to give me attitude punk!
But at the end of the day you have to be with the times
and be able to spit out the rhymes!!

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